Spot Greetings is still in diapers, but it was created, along with the many cards it offers, by some of the most successful writers and artists in greeting card history.

Spot Greetings is based on the revolutionary idea that people really like greeting cards--those little pieces of paper folded in half with copy on the front and the inside.

In fact, we believe people like greeting cards so much, they’d love to send them on the internet--even prefer to send them over those silly animated e-greetings you see everywhere.

So Spot Greetings was designed to be the first internet site where you shop for cards like you shop for cards in a store--by opening them until you find one you like. And when you send a Spot card, it’s automatically uploaded into your own email system--so it is sure to arrive in the recipient's inbox, and not in their junk mail.

If you’re one of those people who really love greeting cards, this is your Spot.